Our story


Started for the love of power of two: two friends, two lovers, two birds, two ways. two socks. Everything we do is a manifestation of who we are and want to become. Through DOUA we manifest our passion for foundational values, peoples and garments. All of them are codes of a well- lived life.
We collect and cultivate thoughts which sublime the mind, friends who sublime life and garments which sublime the silhouette.
We believe that our values, conviviality and passion for collective effervescence guide us to exciting new old places.

DOUA is a garment company that documents a collective experience of comfort, chicness and collective effervescence through stories remembered, restyled and reinvented of the golden ages of humanity.

DOUA is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and complexity of at least two. Double the love. double the good. At least.

At DOUA we are nowstalgics, believing in eclectic manifestations of old & new, now & then blended together, becoming more than just the juxtaposition of them.